Peering Policy

The peering policy of as61438 is quite simple:

  • We do peer open and will do a session when we are asked.
  • The only exception will be: if you cannot do an ipv6 peering session too, we will not setup an ipv4 session.
  • The (typical) rules should be well known and are outlined here:
  • do not send a default route on ipv4 or ipv6
  • do not route networks as static routes to our ip side
  • do only announce your own + your customers route
  • do not send routes of your peers or your transits
  • do communicate if maxpref needs to be raised quickly/dramatically
  • do not send highjacked routes
  • do not send private rf1918 prefixes
  • do not send bogon prefixes
  • do try to aggregate prefixes and do not de-aggregate with more specifics
  • think on having route objects for all your prefixes and a matching as-set setup
  • we will not do contracts for peerings
  • we don´t care about ratios and have no volume needs
  • we don´t need multiple peering loctions
  • we do await hot potatoe routing to avoid looping through wrong places
  • we have no useable bgp-communities in place and do not honor metric values

Information on our peering data is shown in the “PeeringDB” section!