Useful Tools

Find here some great tools:

(if you know others which should be listed, please let me know)

=> The standard tool for everything you want to know about an ASN and more…

=> The must-have check for your asn … Try your own ASN – if not everything is shown as green, you have done something wrong….

=> PeeringDB is a must have when you operate an ASN … check your own AS number and verify if you have one record and if they are up-to-date…

=> similar to but also shows downstream asn and ranking information

=> have a look if you have a working ipv6 connectivity

=> excellent summary of all details about an ASN … great work from RIPE

=> unbelievable and endless possibilities to do analyzes and traceroutes and much more from different perspectives of the internet

=> commercial tool – but delivers a lot of information about ASN, customers, upstreams, competitors and markets.

=> Find here a size ranking of your ASN.

=> how ipv6 ready are you? Do you have your 5 stars already? Shame on my … I need to do this too

=> great sources of knowledge … check out both of them…

=> how are the top10 tier1 performing?

The 2014 Internet Peering Playbook

The standard literacy for each IP and peering engineer.

and finally: the mirror!

=> look in the mirror or do a selfie. You are the most valuable tool. Without you, nothing will work – participate on global conferences like EPF, GPF, RIPE, MENOG etc. and meet and socialize with the other “tools” from the other networks…